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5 Reasons Why Veterans Excel as Franchise Owners Military discipline, trust, and leadership translate to successful franchise ownership.


For many service members, a career in the military often serves as the basis for a civilian career, and the skills and qualities veterans gain while in the service align extremely well with the demands of being a franchise owner. Once military service is complete, many veterans search for a civilian career where they can use their skills and training to continue to serve their communities.

Did you know that veterans make up 7% of the U.S. population, but more so, veteran franchise owners account for 14% of franchise ownership? The shared values and skillsets of the military and franchise ownership go hand in hand.

Synergy of skill and systems.

The cornerstone of any franchise is its diligently honed business model. Franchisors' strategic plans for their concepts are improved and refined over years of effort, trials and resources to create a system that not only runs smoothly, but can also be successfully replicated.

Veterans have discipline, trust in the process and commitment instilled in them during their military service, making them a perfect candidate for franchise ownership. Other reasons why veterans fit so seamlessly into franchising include:

1. Work ethic and leadership: Veterans know how to follow established systems and protocols, which is vital in a franchise environment where adherence to established procedures is critical for success. Veterans also have experience leading teams in high-pressure situations while continuing to adhere to protocols and mitigating risk.

2. Problem-solving and adaptability: Military service members are trained to think critically to solve problems quickly and efficiently. At the same time, they are adept at adapting to new and ever-changing environments. Both skills translate to the successful day-to-day management of operations when challenges arise and flexibility is necessary.

3. Understanding systems and processes with attention to detail: Military veterans are accustomed to working with established systems and procedures, and know that paying attention to detail within those systems is what promotes success. In franchising, following the established business model and making sure all the details are attended to are crucial to a business's triumph.

4. Teamwork and customer focus: Military service embraces teamwork and collaboration, as well as serving the needs of others. In franchising, working with others, including staff, other franchise owners and customers, is a key to success. And, serving the needs of others fits well with a customer-oriented business like a franchise concept.

5. Funding and access to resources: Through their military associations, veterans have access to resources and networks beneficial when seeking support and mentorship. Additionally, there are various programs that offer funding and financing options specifically for veterans looking to start a franchise.

Take the first step of veteran franchise opportunity with PuroClean.

Veterans developed valuable skills in the military and now is the time to put them to use in a franchise ownership journey. Be a community hero and provide valuable damage remediation services to friends and neighbors in their time of need through water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage remediation, mold removal and biohazard cleanup to residential and commercial customers.

Known as the "Paramedics of Property Damage®," PuroClean franchise is a recognized brand poised to help military servicemen and women successfully transition into the public work sector with its PuroVet program.

"Being a PuroClean franchise owner is like being the captain of your own ship, and just like in the Navy, there is always backup," said Doug Baillie, retired Navy Lt. Commander and PuroClean Franchise Owner since 2013. "I know if I ever need anything or have a question, I can count on the corporate team and other PuroClean franchise owners to provide guidance."

Through PuroClean's PuroVet program, honorably discharged U.S. veterans save 25% off new franchise owner fees, as well as benefit from special financing, supplier discounts and hand-on training. Step into a new franchise career – contact PuroClean today for more information.