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Kumon Best in Class Among Educational Franchises Decades of success have pushed Kumon to the front of the class among education franchises.


Kumon brings new meaning to the phrase "best in class."

Founded 65 years ago in Japan, Kumon is an educational enrichment franchise dedicated to helping students from preschool to high school excel academically. The Kumon Method, which is taught in 2,000 centers in the U.S. and Canada and more than 26,000 centers around the world, emphasizes practice as the key to mastering skills in reading and math.

Kumon also excels as a franchise business. Kumon has been the top-ranked education franchise on Entrepreneur's prestigious Franchise 500 for 22 consecutive years and ranked No. 6 overall for the last three years. This year, Kumon was inducted into Entrepreneur's inaugural Franchise 500 Hall of Fame.

How does Kumon maintain its place at the top of the education franchise industry with a growing field of competitors? The answer lies in decades of proven success.

Successful students.

Kumon's Reading and Math Program is based on mastering fundamental skills before advancing, so students can build on a solid foundation. The structured program allows students to progress at their own pace, whether they need more time to master a particular skill or whether they zip ahead of their peers to stay challenged and engaged. The key is to complete the worksheets the Instructor assigns them, practicing 30 minutes per day at home or at the Kumon Center.

As a result, even students who were behind when they enrolled in Kumon usually catch up and move ahead of their classmates quickly. Many Kumon Students work ahead of grade level and are academic stars in their schools.

The strong results keep parents happy, so they keep bringing their children to Kumon. That leads to the success of franchisees, or Instructors.

Successful franchisees.

Kumon Instructors are owner-operators, which means they not only own their Kumon Centers but they also run them – teaching students, collecting tuition from parents and paying staff and bills. They have a lot of control over their business and how quickly it grows.

Having that measure of control over their professional career is what attracted them to Kumon, especially those who come from a teaching background. Many teachers are leaving the profession because of their frustration with a lack of control over the future.

Instructors also benefit from things they don't have to worry about:

  • Kumon Centers have a stellar reputation around the globe.
  • Kumon focuses on education enrichment, not tutoring, which keeps enrollment (and revenues) steady. Tutoring businesses tend to have spikes in enrollment during testing season, then it falls.
  • Kumon provides comprehensive training, so Instructors do not need a background in teaching or business ownership.
  • Kumon is extremely affordable. Entrepreneur has ranked Kumon No. 1 on its Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $100,000 for four consecutive years. In the U.S., Kumon's startup costs range from $67,428 to $145,640, depending on location, including the $2,000 franchise fee. Additionally, Kumon offers up to $37,100 in incentives to cover costs such as new center marketing, signage, furniture, carpet and more.

Kumon earns an easy A for its global recognition as a top education franchise, with best-in-class benefits to match.

To learn if the Kumon Franchise opportunity is right for you, visit kumonfranchise.com.

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