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Researching the Perfect Entrepreneurial Opportunity? Don't Make This Common Mistake.


Congratulations! You've decided to quit the rat race and ditch the overbearing boss, tedious commute and long hours working to build someone else's dream. Now the real fun begins—choosing a franchise that's right for you and your dream.

Initially, this process can have you feeling a bit like a kid in a candy store. There are so many industries to explore. So many exciting potential paths forward. But which business will launch the satisfying, rewarding career and future you want?

The exploration and "what-ifs" are fun—but the process can quickly get stressful, even overwhelming, because you know your future happiness and success hang in the balance. That's why it's important to avoid a mistake that's easy to make at this stage in your research. It's a mistake that could lead you away from one or more potentially perfect fits. And it's a mistake many people make without realizing it.

Don't scratch entire industries off your list prematurely because you've assumed your employment history or experience disqualifies you.

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Keep your mind and options open, and let the facts direct you.

Here's a great example of how this can happen. Let's say you're a person who has always believed in the importance of education. At the same time, you've always imagined—maybe only subconsciously—that a career spent working with kids would be deeply satisfying. But you have no teaching experience or educational background at all.

As a potential business owner exploring your options, it might be logical to dismiss the entire after-school education category and eliminate a long list of franchises from your search.

Logical? Possibly. But in this case, it could be a huge mistake. A mistake that steers you away from a richly rewarding new career and an ideal franchise fit for you.

That's because, while after-school education franchises often require you have teaching experience to work with kids, at least one competitor in that space operates completely differently from the others. And it happens to be the established category leader, Kumon.

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Looking further into the details can reveal unexpected possibilities.

Simple research uncovers a surprising difference in the Kumon business model that many entrepreneurs find appealing. Unlike franchises in the category geared around tutoring students through short-term challenges, Kumon Centers operate using the Kumon Method. Created in Japan over 60 years ago by a father who wanted to help his son in math and reading, it's a step-by-step, incremental learning system that kids work through at their own pace. Ingeniously designed worksheets, covering everything from simple addition to calculus and phonics to Shakespeare, help students of every age reach their academic potential.

As a result, the Kumon franchise owner's role in the center is simply to guide students of all ages as they progress through their worksheets. This means that a teaching background is not necessary for you to pursue a career in education. Yes, you can shape the lives of kids. Cheer on their efforts. Celebrate their successes. And see the joy in their eyes each time that lightbulb goes on, and they beam with pride over a new achievement.

For the record, many Kumon owners are in fact former teachers bringing their passion for teaching to a new environment. But that's a great story for another day.

Today's lesson for you is simple. As you explore opportunities for your future, keep an open mind, be diligent in your research and let the facts—not assumptions—guide you to the truth.

Best of luck in your search!

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