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17 Logos We Love Brand identity in its purest form.

By Hamish Campbell

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Identity is a brand's most defining expression. At its heart it represents not only a commitment to a collective cause but also the essence of a brand's behavior and heart: who you are, what you stand for, what motivates you. The best logos give each company a unique place in the world, connecting the truths at the heart of the brand with consumer desire. In this way, identities serve as an essential point of connection between commerce and culture.

Small companies with nimble business practices are reshaping the global economy, and this fluidity is increasingly present in other areas as well. There's a new cultural macro shift--infiltrating everything from fashion to food--that celebrates individuality and freedom of expression with a sharper focus on craft, culture and personality, compelling building blocks when it comes to designing the brands of the future.

The logos on the following pages celebrate their brands through creative, craft-driven design, illustrating that at the root of each business lies soul and a commitment to connection with consumers.

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