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A Green Lifestyle Turned Money Making Enterprise The Beekman Boys find the simple life ain't so simple when you're trying to make a living at it.

By Michelle Juergen

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Busy city-folk who dream of escaping the daily grind and settling into a peaceful life in the country, be warned: Business struggles roost everywhere. Witness Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, a couple who left big-time jobs in Manhattan to raise goats on the 200-year-old Beekman farm in upstate New York. Their struggles (selling fancy goat's milk soap) and triumphs (paying the mortgage) will be documented on The Fabulous Beekman Boys, starting June 16 on the Planet Green network. We caught up with Ridge, a former VP at Martha Stewart Living, and Kilmer-Purcell, an ad exec and former drag queen, to hear more about turning the green lifestyle into a moneymaking enterprise.

What makes you guys different from all the other city slickers turned green thumbs?
Kilmer-Purcell: They leave the city behind. We bring our city slicker ways to the country, and we also want to create a business that will bring rural areas with small farms back to the city.

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