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Coverage For All Can I get insured even though I have a pre-existing health condition?

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Question: I'm searchingfor the names of specific insurance agencies/professsionalorganizations that provide health insurance to self-employedin-dividuals with pre-existing health conditions. If you know ofsuch sources, would you be willing to share? My research on thisquestion last year revealed no available plans, affordable ornot!
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Answer: The first place youshould check out is your local chamber of commerce. Some chambershave done a good job of securing group health plans for theirmembers. In California, by force of law, small businesses with twoinsureds can get insurance. Check to see whether your state has asimilar requirement.

Also check any trade associations you belong to-some offerno-qualification group plans. Those we have seen charge higherrates, so check with all trade associations you're eligible tojoin. In addition, several organizations serve as conduits inoffering health insurance for the self-employed, including theNational Association for the Self-Employed (, 800-232-6273), SmallBusiness Service Bureau (, 800-222-5678) and SupportServices Alliance (, 800-322-3920).

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