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Pile It On Your business has grown beyond a basic insurance policy. Now what?

By Mie- Yun Lee

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You've spent countless hours developing a business plan to secure financing. You've hired a talented staff and purchased office equipment to get things up and running. You've burned the midnight oil and worked numerous weekends to build your business. And should a lawsuit or natural disaster strike, or some other crisis send your company into a frenzy, your smoothly operating machine won't be derailed, because you've bought basic business insurance.

But what if you've been playing the game for several years now, and you've developed your business from a respectable hum to a pulsing buzz? As your business changes, so do your risks and exposures. It's only natural that the scope of your business insurance should grow accordingly. Whether you need additional coverage in your basic business owner's package policy (BOP) or you intend to purchase an insurance policy that addresses specific risks (such as product-related insurance), making sure your business has adequate protection should be an ongoing task.

A Case Study

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