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Four Things to Know Before You Sign the Lease for Your First Office If you're starting to feel just a bit too cramped in your home office, perhaps now is the time to begin searching for your first commercial office space.

By John Boitnott Edited by Jessica Thomas

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sturti | Getty Images

If you're thinking about moving on from a cramped home office or the noisy "charms" of working outdoors in your favorite local coffee shop, it might be time to consider renting your new business's first office space.

But where do you start? Commercial office rents vary widely from location to location. Temporary workspaces are incredibly useful for many new businesses in that uncomfortable "in-between" stage. But, once you outgrow this temporary fix, you'll need to explore the possibility of renting office space — assuming local health and business regulations even permit such a move in your area.

This can seem like an overwhelming prospect. As you look for your company's first office space, make sure you keep these points in mind.

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