John Boitnott

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Journalist, Digital Media Consultant and Investor

John Boitnott is a longtime digital media consultant and journalist living in San Francisco. He's written for Venturebeat, USA Today and FastCompany.



Cómo establecer límites con tu equipo cuando te vas de vacaciones

¿Eres uno de esos líderes que no pueden separarse del "modo de trabajo" incluso cuando estás sentado en una playa de Hawái? Aquí te decimos cómo asegurarte de que tanto tú como tu equipo puedan desconectarse y descansar cuando estén de vacaciones.

Business News

How to Set Boundaries With Your Team While You're on Vacation

Are you one of those leaders who just can't seem to detach from "work mode" even when you're sitting on a beach in Hawaii? Here's how to ensure both you and your team can thrive when you're on vacation.

Growing a Business

5 Reasons Why Your Influencers Need to Love Your Brand

The best way to make the most of this kind of marketing spend is to build a strong and striking relationship.

Growing a Business

3 Tips to Know Before Using ChatGPT for Marketing

ChatGPT represents a new frontier in marketing content creation. But before you dive in too deeply, let these ideas help guide you.

Social Media

Why Micro-Influencers Are the Risk-Free Way for Your Business to Take Advantage of TikTok

Even with the platform's uncertain future in the U.S., it's still a good idea to work with micro-influencers on what remains a social media powerhouse.


How to Support Your Employees Even When You're Swamped

Managing your own startup stress while guiding team members isn't an easy feat. Here's how to keep them working efficiently without losing focus on your own tasks.

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