John Boitnott

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Journalist, Digital Media Consultant and Investor

John Boitnott is a longtime digital media consultant and journalist living in San Francisco. He's written for Venturebeat, USA Today and FastCompany.


Growing a Business

7 Key Traits of Marketing Professionals Who Deliver

Pursuing your company's marketing and growth goals is much more efficient with a results-focused expert on the team: key characteristics to look for.


How Transparent Should You Be with Employees During Times of Uncertainty?

Periodic unpredictability and volatility are near certainties in business, and in response, leaders are left with the choice of being truly open with employees or not. (Spoiler: There's one overwhelming winner.)


Forget Paying for Ads on Google and Facebook. Use These 6 Marketing Tactics Instead.

Too many businesses play it safe with the same old paid marketing strategies during this economically uncertain post-pandemic period. Break the tired routine with these six strategies.

Starting a Business

How to Build a Go-to-Market Strategy That Prevents Risk

With an ever-shifting digital landscape and the rise of AI, just how reliable are the strategies you use to grow? It's likely time to assess and possibly make changes


Keep This Important Marketing Principle in Mind During Economic Volatility

How will your marketing plan change in the face of economic change? Maybe it doesn't need to. The key is to monitor the market closely.

Growing a Business

This Digital Media Expert Shares His 6 Pillars of Brand Loyalty That Will Work For Any Business

Despite how crucial it is to growth and success, too many entrepreneurs find it challenging to forge strong customer relationships. Here are strategies that work.

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