John Boitnott

John Boitnott

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Journalist, Digital Media Consultant and Investor

John Boitnott is a longtime digital media consultant and journalist living in San Francisco. He's written for Venturebeat, USA Today and FastCompany.

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How to Take Advantage of New Marketing Communication in Business Today

Finding the best way to communicate with your customer is important for taking advantage of modern marketing opportunities. Here are four tips on where to begin.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Thinking about hiring a strategist or consultant to help you reach your marketing goals? Before you spend a dime, consider these five steps to make sure they're sufficiently skilled, experienced, and up to the job.

3 Questions to Answer Before Investing More Into Your Marketing Budget

Before you increase your marketing spend using the same old tactics and channels, dive a little deeper to make the most of your investment.

7 Strategies for Growing Your Business When Supply Chain Disruptions Are Everywhere

Shipping delays don't have to mean the end of your business. Here's how to keep your company growing through any supply chain disruption.

Take This Simple $500 Action Step to Strengthen Culture at Your Small Business

If you're struggling to build worker motivation or a general sense of company mission, look no further than this group activity.

Save Your Next Job by Changing Your Office Reputation Now

Your workplace reputation is one of your most valuable professional assets.

How to Help Your Employees Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Be a hero to your team by creating a culture that helps them fight the feeling they don't deserve their success.

Offer These 8 Terms in Your Employee Relocation Packages to Make Your Offers More Competitive

These suggestions for a relocation package can make your company more competitive while still adequately supporting team members.

3 Things That'll Make You a Master of Forming -- and Keeping -- Great Habits

Don't depend on sheer willpower to achieve your goals. Instead, work on creating great habits with these three mindset shifts.

Feeling Burned Out? Maybe You're Not Being Selfish Enough With Your Time

Feeling burned out isn't just for founders who work absurdly long hours. It can also happen to other company leaders and managers whose attention and energy get pulled in every direction.

This One Type of Meeting Should Be on Every Company's Monthly Agenda

A regular town hall not only keeps everyone in the loop about your bottom line, but it's a special opportunity to make employees feel valued and close to each other.

7 Easy Habits That Will Make Your Business More Sustainable (And Save You Money)

Making sustainability integral to your startup won't happen overnight. But there are some easy things you can incorporate, and some bigger projects that can come later.

What's a Sales Lab, and How Can It Help Your Business?

If you've been looking for a platform to test out experimental sales ideas and practices that might just boost revenue, a sales lab could be the solution.

4 Ways to Protect Your Business From Inflation

Rising prices, especially at the gas pump, are a growing concern for business owners right now. The following ideas can help you guide your business through these choppy economic waters.

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