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How This Fan Company Is Proving It Has More Than Just a Good Name Big Ass Fans shows big-time growth.

By John Patrick Pullen

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Mark Cornelison
The largest Big Ass fan, the 8-foot AirGo, at the company’s warehouse in Lexington, Ky.

Many executives are fond of boasting that their companies are more like a family than a business. But not the founder of Big Ass Solutions. His company is a tribe, says chief big ass Carey Smith—and yes, that's actually his title. "It's on my business card," he proclaims proudly.

Smith started Lexington, Ky.-based Big Ass Solutions, which produces products under the Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Light brands, in 1999 after a string of failed startups gave him glimpses of success—but never completely delivered.

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