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How To Do The Best Business Development Within Client Services Get to the point where you can readily reject clients that don't fit within your company's ethos, thereby allowing more time to focus on the brand itself.

By Drew McLellan Edited by Bill Schulz

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According to census data, more than 430,000 business applications were sent in January 2022, representing a 2.6 percent increase compared to the year before.

If you're one of the many starting a new client services business, you're probably welcoming every potential prospect who comes through your door to ensure a sustainable company. While this promotes rapid growth, it also means you might be taking on projects that aren't exactly within your wheelhouse. At the same time, you might hold off on casting a wider net when you have "enough" clients to onboard, creating a feast-or-famine environment.

Over the past couple of years, everyone working in client services learned that no one has "enough" clients. Inconsistent development can sink your business. But even though you're more aware of your efforts, you might still be chasing the wrong types of prospects if you haven't identified your audience niche.

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