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How to Navigate Domain Name Disputes A useful guide for choosing the right path to online justice.

By Iyar Stav Edited by Bill Schulz

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mediaphotos | Getty Images

Domain names are a peculiar property: Prices can range from the typical X.99-dollars-a-year deals offered by registrars still available on the market and up to staggering amounts for highly wanted addresses which are typically held by entities that well-understand their value and price them accordingly.

The value of these titles derives from the commonness of their words and the reputation that such monikers, or similar ones, have acquired. The domain's human reputation (how users perceive the title) and algorithmic reputation (how search engines value it) require time, money and hard work to acquire.

Owners of reputable names are rightly concerned about similar ones in use, due to their potential of diluting the reputation of their own brand. The availability of online options is steadily decreasing and disputes between owners of similar domain names inevitably emerge.

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