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Lawsuit: Starbucks 'Effectively Stole' Coffee Lip Balm Product, Supplier From Smaller Business

Starbucks said via email that it "firmly believe[s] these claims to be without merit, and we look forward to presenting our case in court."

What Happens When Self-Driving Cars Crash? The Legal Ramifications of Automation

Technology is developed to improve our lives. This has meant that many traditional industries are turning to automation. Among the most notable is the automobile industry. As new practices are developed around these technological advancements, how safe are we with this technology, and what happens when things don't work as designed?

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3 Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Working on Your Online Business

The founder of Berkley Sweetapple Law shares her legal advice for entrepreneurs.

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Report: U.S. Officials Considering a Review of Twitter-Musk Deal

The billionaire replied to the news with a laughing emoji.

Don't Overlook This Crucial Business Function If You Want Your Startup to Succeed

When entrepreneurs get overwhelmed, workplace safety falls to the bottom of their priority list. Here's why that's a bigger issue than you might think.

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4 Best Practices When Choosing a Staffing Agency

Remote work and outsourcing talent are here to stay. Here's what to look for when outsourcing work.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Why Telehealth Is So Important

Leaders who take care of their employees will find they'll take care of their companies; it's as simple as that.

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'Nothing Texas About Them': Man Sues Texas Pete Hot Sauce for Alleged False Advertising

Despite Texas Pete's branding, the product is actually made in North Carolina.

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9 Ways Memes Can Rev Up Your Business Marketing

Memes are here to stay. Brands are growing engagement with well-timed meme-marketing strategies.

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