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Investigation Reveals Child Labor in Hyundai-Kia Alabama Supply Chain

Reports suggest child labor is present throughout Hyundai's and Kia's entire U.S. supply chain.

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Your Business Might Be Violating Federal Regulations Unknowingly — Which Can Cost You Serious Money. Here's How to Avoid It.

Regulations are meant to protect consumers from harmful business practices and set guidelines for what is right and wrong — but they can also pose a threat to businesses thanks to rising costs and changing complexity.

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Labor Dept. Investigation Finds McDonald's Franchisee Violated Child Labor Laws

Teens as young as 14 worked over three hours after 7 pm at Pittsburgh-area locations.

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Elon Says He Was 'Entirely Focused' on Tesla As Court Debates His $56 Billion Compensation Package

Elon Musk avoided a trial over his purchase of Twitter, but the billionaire was back at the Court of Chancery on Wednesday.

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How This California Scammer Used the Competitive Real Estate Market to Steal Millions

Adolfo Schoneke, his sister Bianca Gonzalez and other co-conspirators orchestrated a scheme that spanned years.

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3 Common Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Working on Your Online Business

The founder of Berkley Sweetapple Law shares her legal advice for entrepreneurs.

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This U.S.-Made Pasta Brand Claims to Be 'Italy's No. 1 Brand of Pasta.' Now They're Facing Legal Trouble

After two customers purchased Barilla pasta under the impression it was made in Italy, they are taking action.

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'Nothing Texas About Them': Man Sues Texas Pete Hot Sauce for Alleged False Advertising

Despite Texas Pete's branding, the product is actually made in North Carolina.

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New Cases Before the International Trade Commission Could Harm U.S. Entrepreneurs

Foreign companies are now filing suits with the ITC that could strip U.S. entrepreneurs of many of the products and services they rely upon, including Google and Apple products.

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Warner Bros. Inflated HBO Max Subscriber Numbers Ahead of Discovery Merger, Lawsuit Alleges

Hundreds of thousands of people could be eligible to join the class-action suit.

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Elon Musk Is Being Sued For $200 Billion As Dogecoin Lawsuit Expands

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO faces even more claims that his cryptocurrency was used as a "pyramid scheme."

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How to Find a Good Franchise Lawyer

2022 Franchise Supplier Rankings: Top Law Firms

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What's the Deal With Subway's 'Fake Tuna' Lawsuit? A Look Inside the Unusual Case

The saga over Subway's tuna-legitimacy continues as a plaintiff argues that the chain's "100% tuna" claim is false. Subway stands by its statement.