Kale Goodman


Kale Goodman is a writer, podcaster, speaker, coach and serial entrepreneur. He’s an owner in five businesses that collectively produce over eight figures in revenue. He co-hosts a top 100 business podcast on iTunes called "Real Business Owners" with his business partner Trevor Cowley.

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Employee Experience & Recruiting

Why Acknowledging Your Team Members Is Critical to Your Success

The best leaders know that it's essential to acknowledge your team's contributions. Here's why.

Personal Finance

4 Ways to Set Up Your Personal Finances Right and Tackle Your Financial Goals This Year

Business finances are important, but at the end of the day, you also need to focus on your personal finances as well. Here are a few tips to do it the right way.


3 Ways to Save Money on Taxes That Most Entrepreneurs Miss

Utilize these strategies to save your wallet when tax time comes around.

Thought Leaders

How I'm Unlearning the Toxic Pattern of Always Wanting More — and How You Can, Too.

It can be extremely hard to stay sane in a world of moving goalposts and the constant comparison game, but here's why learning to be okay with what you have will transform your life.

Money & Finance

3 Financial Terms All Starting Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Avoid headaches down the line by setting yourself up for success from the beginning and learning these financial terms.

Money & Finance

3 Tips for Small Businesses to Survive and Thrive During a Recession

Times are tough, but the right moves can put you ahead in the coming months and years.

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