Nicholas Leighton

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Best-selling author, speaker & business owner executive coach

Nick Leighton believes that business owners should make more money and have more free time. He does this through his best-selling book "Exactly Where You Want to Be – A Business Owner’s Guide to Passion, Profit and Happiness," speaking and coaching. #ChampagneMoment.


Green Entrepreneur

Emerging ESG Trends Forward-Thinking Small Business Owners Need to Watch

There are five key components that entrepreneurs have to get right to navigate their environmental, social and governance transformation successfully. Find out where your focus should be.

Green Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Achieving a Net-Zero Business

From conducting a carbon footprint assessment to setting goals and investing in energy-efficient technologies, how to transform your company into a greenhouse gas emissions-neutral enterprise.


6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Get Their Employees to Use AI

Smaller-scale enterprises will always struggle to gain a strategic edge against resource-rich conglomerates, but AI offers a new landscape, and there are proven ways to fuel employees' ability to embrace and maximize it.

Growing a Business

4 Keys to Successful and Lasting Entrepreneurship

From enhanced learning strategies to crisis planning, here's how to stay on a steady growth and longevity track.

Growing a Business

5 Critical Changes Marketing Agencies Need to Make to Survive the Second Half of 2023 and Beyond

Resetting your strategic vision, tackling talent shortages and embracing environmental objectives like net-zero are just a few of the challenges facing agencies at the end of this year.

Thought Leaders

AI Isn't Evil — But Entrepreneurs Need to Keep Ethics in Mind As They Implement It

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can be used for good or evil. It is important for small business owners to be aware of the potential risks and benefits of AI, and to use it responsibly.

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