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Overlooked Ways for Local Businesses to Boost Sales During the Crisis A mix of new- and old-school techniques, from stuffing flyers to creative delivery options, can help local businesses survive and thrive.

By Ben Crudo Edited by Jessica Thomas

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FG Trade | Getty Images

I've watched these last few months as Amazon and its big box friends have enjoyed rapid expansion while many of my neighborhood shops have shriveled on the vine. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one in five small businesses has had to close its doors since the crisis started, and even with things starting to reopen, brick-and-mortar shops face a sink-or-swim challenge.

It's ironic, because support for local retail has never been higher. From the push to save local stores shuttered by the crisis to support for black-owned businesses in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, our value system has been triggered in a way it hasn't been before. Consumers are willing to go the extra mile (and spend more) to support shops in their own backyard and use their buying power to send the message that shopping in 2020 and beyond isn't just about finding the best deal. It's about people supporting people.

There's just one problem: Local retailers aren't always able to step up to the plate and offer alternatives to Amazon. But embracing ecommerce in a new and hyper-local context could be the key to helping them fight back.

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