Ben Crudo

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Diff Agency

Ben Crudo is CEO of Diff Agency. A retailer turned technologist, he's an ecommerce expert who helps retailers win today and tomorrow.



AI Can Replace (Some) Jobs — But It Can't Replace Human Connection. Here's Why.

Artificial intelligence is proving to be a capable assistant in countless workplaces. But when it comes to leadership, there's just no alternative for good communication other than human touch.

Growing a Business

Shopify Is Bringing in the Retail Giants. Here's What You Can Learn From the Company's Latest Move.

Shopify's new capabilities mean the landscape of retail is set to change — and other businesses could learn a few things from the company.

Growing a Business

Want to Keep Shoppers Coming Back? Here's What You Can Learn from Craigslist

The classifieds site of the '90s may be old-school, but what it lacks in aesthetic it makes up for in practical allure.

Science & Technology

How to Combat the Death of Customer Service in the Digital Era

The rules of engagement are shifting and customer acquisition has never been more expensive. But savvy retailers can cut through the noise with a little thought and planning.


3 Mistakes to Avoid With Your First E-Commerce Store

As a flood of entrepreneurs moves online, many are getting caught in the same traps.

Iniciar un negocio

3 errores a evitar con su primera tienda de comercio electrónico

A medida que una avalancha de empresarios se mueve en línea, muchos quedan atrapados en las mismas trampas.

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