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Sales Letter Makeovers Quit sending out sales letters that leave your prospects yawning. Time to wow them with a letter that gets results.

By Isabella Trebond

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You're ready to market the world's greatest product or service. So you find a mailing list, let everyone on it know you're open for business, and sit back and wait...and wait...and wait. What went wrong?

Dozens of you wrote to ask me that exact question after reading my article " Creative Marketing on a Shoestring ." Nine times out of 10, my response was "Your sales letter."

The sales letter is the face you'll present to every potential client who receives it. If you're not absolutely certain you'll do a smashing job, you might want to hire a professional copywriter who specializes in direct mail. However, you can write a sizzling letter that floods you with business if you learn the rules as well as when to stick to them or break them. Just remember that the success of a sales letter isn't measured by cleverness or originality; it's measured by the response rate. We're going to work on crafting a letter that pulls responses.

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