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Using Simple Tech to Solve Complex Problems With today's advanced technology, humans are more connected than ever before -- but with that connection comes the potential for app fatigue. Today's internet users crave simple, easy-to-use solutions to help them solve complex problems.

By Kate Johnson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

At this point, most of us have likely heard the phrase "app fatigue" or "app overload," referring to the sheer exhaustion associated with navigating the intricate landscape of today's numerous technologies. The available technology today is more advanced than ever before, but it's easy to feel that these heightened capabilities can come at the price of creating complexity. In our professional lives, our new hybrid reality has led to more apps, tabs and clicks than ever before, since we're often relying on app-based communications instead of in-person interactions. Many of us are eager to overcome app fatigue and win back some much-needed serenity with the tech we use every single day to perform our jobs. Let's dive into the challenges of today's advanced tech and some solutions for combatting app fatigue head-on.

Today's tech can be tiring

With so many of us working under a hybrid model, even the most innocuous of tasks (like saying good morning to a coworker) can be time-consuming, where previously it was as simple as making eye contact and speaking three syllables aloud. While typing out a "good morning" chat message might feel relatively simple, when you consider all the clicks, tabs, windows and platforms that you use throughout the day, it's easy to see how the mere act of navigating our technology can be draining over time.