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What Do Successful Sales Look Like for the Rest of 2020? Three strategies for closing sales right now and maintaining sales strong numbers this year

By Drew McLellan Edited by Jessica Thomas

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Teera Konakan | Getty Images

Virtually all industries felt the ripple effect of the current economic crisis. Entrepreneurs and agencies alike had to tighten the purse strings as prospects held off on purchases. Even firms with stacked pipelines hit sales standstills. Buyer preferences and behaviors were changing even before the health crisis hit, but now sales has entered a new normal.

Recent trends — such as omni-channel marketing, tech-enabled selling and a focus on consumers — continue to gain momentum. Additionally, buyer preferences for digital interactions have doubled, and this is likely to be a permanent shift. According to a McKinsey survey, 32 percent of sales teams are very likely to maintain their new digital focus, signifying a "digital inflection point." The salespeople who have quickly adapted to these changes are succeeding in this new sales environment.

However, switching to digital and updating sales strategies takes more than the flip of a switch. With so many channels available, companies have to not only create digital solutions but also strategically train their salespeople to implement them. Leaders must be agile enough to adapt and consistent enough in their sales processes to properly track and manage customer journeys.

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