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Why Blogging Should Be On Your Weekly To-Do List This Year Creating a blog can be a satisfying personal experience or even a gateway into another career. Either way, there are several reasons to start.

By Jennifer Spencer Edited by Ryan Droste

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The internet is swarming with content. Everyone everywhere is sharing TikToks, articles, Instagram posts, podcasts, Facebook status updates and more. At a time when everyone seems to have something to say — and you may feel everything is saturated as a result — it's actually never been more important to put pen to paper and stake your claim on the Internet. The written word still carries immense weight, and there's much to be shared and created that can have a real impact on your career.

Although some think blogs went out with Tumblr in 2010, blogging continues to be a frontrunning form of online content and communication. It's not so much the blogging of the latest recipes you've tried and where your latest workout outfit was from (you'll definitely find plenty of that online) — but rather, blogging about trying new digital marketing strategies, your best practices for boosting team morale, or even sharing honest and heartfelt stories about how you got your business up and running. Here are five key reasons why you should start blogging or writing online this year — and how it can help.

1. Blogging boosts SEO

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