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ArtVersion on Large Website Development: WordPress Enterprise Solutions

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WordPress has long solidified its reputation as a leading powerhouse to today's most renowned enterprise websites. With over 40% of websites today built from WordPress, it's no question that many industries are heavily leaning toward its capabilities. If your business is operating a large and enterprise-level website, WordPress can be a good choice. Make no mistake, WordPress was once regarded as a simple content management system (CMS) that was previously and solely utilized for blog posts, but today, it has completely shifted into a versatile and powerful CMS with its advanced functionality and feature sets. WordPress is highly compatible with diverse integrations and customizations, which has made it a fluid and dynamic CMS across industries. Let's explore the benefits from a digital design agency's perspective, ArtVersion, and some of their recent deployments.

Highly Customizable Solutions for Web

When considering the checklist of features that will ultimately uphold an experience for your enterprise website, there must be a focus on usability and accessibility that attain customizable features and components. Every brand and enterprise wants to tell its visual story in its own unique way, and WordPress attains the capabilities that allow this. ArtVersion, a renowned digital design agency that has long triumphed in creating UI/UX experiences with WordPress, shares its perspective on why WordPress is its trusted CMS, "WordPress has been our platform of choice for many different applications. Freedom from licensing, coupled with a robust collection of solid usability tools, allows for a custom-tailored approach that allows organic optimization and user-centered design for the website." Just recently, their team launched — a website built on an enterprise-level infrastructure, carefully designed with advanced functionalities and the highest level of customized user experience to reflect brand promise.

"It's highly vital for a website to not only be responsive and customizable but also scalable," ArtVersion adds. The team worked with Philharmonic Studios for the last two years in the pre-construction phase, brand design systems went through several iterations and market fit adjustments. The platform flexibility of WordPress allowed an iterative design approach for this phase of the brand launch and vigor in the form of functionalities for accommodating future versions.

"ArtVersion played a crucial role in the development of our company branding. From the acquisition of digital assets to web development and marketing, the AV team brought much-needed guidance and expertise to our corporate strategy," stated Philharmonic Studios.

Prioritizing Security

With any website or digital product, security is a core necessity, especially for an enterprise-grade site. Although the WordPress platform is highly secure through continual security updates and its isolated architecture 3rd party plugins are available for added protection for your website. However, as an open-source solution, it's worth mentioning that when including plug-ins, you want to ensure you and your team is utilizing trustworthy ones that are reliable and this can be done through researching before incorporating, reading reviews, and exploring all the options out there before adding to your site. As stated, WordPress and some of its plug-ins are not peer-reviewed, meaning anyone in the community can create and share their plug-in creations for immediate use, thus careful evaluation is key. Trustworthy plug-ins include features such as two-factor authentication, firewall protection, website backup options, and more. Popular plug-ins such as Wordfence can block any malware that may try to bypass security while adding another tier for peace of mind.

Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion

As per the World Wide Web Consortium published guidelines—accessibility, usability, and inclusion are closely related aspects in creating a web that works for everyone. Luckily optimizing for those standards positively relates to SEO. Optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best practices for web development as it pinpoints different ways to make your digital product higher in search rankings, simultaneously making it more usable and accessible for users with a wide range of abilities. Proper metadata markups, code snippets, and information architecture while providing people with screen readers and other assistive technology to access and navigate the websites at the same time are beneficial for search engine crawlers to index and understand elements of the webpage. Fully spotlighting ways to make your page much more optimized for the web, WordPress and its plug-ins are editor friendly, particularly for administrators who may not be too familiar with coding once it is passed down from digital design developers.

Further, WordPress is highly compatible with analytics and other data-measuring and data-collecting tools that can help UX designers dissect user interactions, along with features that will identify weak spots in your SEO efforts and possible site usability gaps. "Analytic tools are central to uncovering the underlining layers of how your website functions and streamlining any pain points that your users may be encountering and overall, staying on top of your website's analytics," claims ArtVersion.

There are boundless possibilities when it comes to making your enterprise-ready website usable and optimal for the best user experience and selecting the right CMS choice is only the beginning. Many brands and companies have sought after WordPress for their UI/UX platform, with existing websites transitioning to WordPress for its capabilities. WordPress is highly compatible with responsive or mobile design, thus when designing your website, you want to ensure you are designing your site to meet mobile standards, which is yet another pathway to boost SEO rankings and exposure to a larger target audience. With the undeniable number of users who navigate the digital world through their mobile devices, a strong website needs to also uphold a great user experience across all devices as well.

The ArtVersion team concludes, "WordPress is a highly reliable CMS that helps create tailored and usable user experiences. Following standardized best practices to achieve the best UI/UX interfaces is ultimately the predictable trajectory that allows us to build optimized and purpose-built digital designs."

WordPress is a robust solution for any enterprise-level website or digital product and working with the right digital design agency that can set your website on the right foot is the perfect combination to build a user experience that is future-proof, and user-focused.

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