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International Classical Music Performer Szu Hua Chen's Outstanding Achievements Makes Her One Of The Top Artists To Watch Out For This 2023

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Artists have always sought to make their mark on the industry through music, visual arts, or other forms of expression. These creative individuals strive to stand out and make a lasting impression, often using their unique voices and perspective to create something that resonates with their audience. From the iconic figures of the past to the up-and-coming stars of today, these artists have pushed boundaries and revolutionized various industries in countless ways.

With a highly competitive space and many artists eyeing the prize, it can be challenging to stand out, especially in the music industry – but not for multi-awarded Taiwanese violist Szu Hua Chen. Her stellar musical achievements makes her one of the most sought-after musicians.

Since 2022, Szu Hua Chen has been Symphoria assistant principal. She has performed solo, chamber, and orchestra concerts with many well-known musical artists in many cities across Asia and the United States.

A Diverse Global Musical Experience

Szu Hua traveled immensely over the years, where she performed and learned different interpretations, perspectives, and musical ideas from musicians worldwide. She had a lot of experience leading the section and performing globally, including in Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and the United States.

Szu Hua's experience performing with a lot of Asian musicians enabled her to learn how to concentrate on technique while her experience with musicians who come from the Western classical background, helped her focus on musical interpretation and style in different music periods.

While in Taiwan, she built a strong technical foundation, and upon moving to Singapore, her view of music widened dramatically. She has the ability to interpret music from different periods, as well as the technical skill to play it. She has a deep understanding of music and can express her thoughts through it.

"These experiences made my understanding of music fuller and added color to my music, making my music delicate and beautiful. I was able to create my ideal music that was rich and full of characters owing to what I had seen and heard. These chances allowed me to see the music more enjoyably," Szu Hua explains.

Szu Hua's diverse and unique musical experiences shaped her versatility as a musician. She was able to learn different interpretations, perspectives, and musical ideas from musicians worldwide and from these, create her own musical style.

"These experiences helped me listen to myself more as a performer. I became capable of combining the Eastern and Western music core ideas to represent me, knowing what I am looking for, and conveying my thoughts through my music," she added.

Szu Hua Chen Being Recognized By The World

Szu Hua's mastery of her skills has not gone unnoticed. She has been praised for her high-quality playing and ability to express emotion through her music, resulting in numerous awards.

She won first place in the Taipei Student Music Competition in 2014 in Viola, second place in the Taipei Student Music Competition in 2013 in Chamber, and second place in the Taiwan National Chamber Competition in 2009. She has achieved impressive results in a short amount of time, further demonstrating her talent and dedication to her craft.

Szu Hua's musical style, a reflection of her inner world

Szu Hua's musical style combines delicate and emotional melodies, powerful and focused rhythms, and sensitive and reactive playing. She has a great technique and a wide range of tones that allow her to adjust quickly to the conductor's requests and blend in with the orchestra. She is equally at home in a string quartet or a large symphony stage.

Szu Hua has developed a unique and passionate musical style that expresses a deep connection to literature and art. Her music reflects the inner world of her emotions, combining delicate and emotional tones with elements of her hometown and the excitement of her career. Her compositions range from peaceful creeks to rough waves, creating deeply personal and emotionally stirring music. Her music is a powerful way to express her innermost thoughts and feelings, making it an incredibly meaningful experience for her listeners.

Currently, Szu Hua is the assistant principal of viola at Symphoria and principal at the Chelsea Symphony in New York, USA, and plays on a viola made by Carl Becker in 1953 on loan from the Chimei Museum. In addition to performing, she also coaches at the Symphoria Youth Orchestra and maintains her teaching studio in New York.

Bringing her deep and meaningful musical style backed by a top-tier portfolio, Szu Hua is ready to take over the world of classical music and establish her name in the industry while inspiring other aspiring artists today.

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