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Khory Hancock's Leadership Is Shaping the Future of the Carbon and Agricultural Industry

By Mae Cornes

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Photo courtesy of Khory Hancock

Khory Hancock, the founder of one of Australia's leading carbon project developer companies, is transforming the carbon and agricultural industry through his strategic approach to regenerative land management. Dedicated to tackling the challenges posed by climate change, this industry leader is on a mission to prove that the regeneration of nature can be both profitable and sustainable.

Born and raised on a cattle station in central western Queensland, Hancock's love for the land runs deep. "I learned from a young age how what we do to the land directly impacts what happens to us," he reflects.

Hancock witnessed the devastating effects of a severe drought exacerbated by climate change on the local community, including the financial and emotional toll on farmers and their families, sometimes resulting in suicide. These formative years would later shape the course of his life and career.

A Journey of Discovery and Growth

Hancock is driven by his passion for understanding the complex interplay between human activity and the natural world, which pushed him to pursue a dual degree in environmental science and planning. His studies and firsthand life experience on the land laid the foundation for a career spanning almost 15 years in the environmental industry.

Hancock's journey has taken him across diverse sectors, from construction, light rail and mining to now carbon and agriculture.

One key milestone in his career was his role as the environmental superintendent of a million-hectare bauxite mine. He was responsible for environmental compliance and land rehabilitation. He also honed his skills in managing large-scale carbon projects and profoundly appreciated the importance of Indigenous land and water management methods.

"I incorporate the principles I learned not just from the science, but also the Indigenous Traditional Owner knowledge into the carbon projects," Hancock explains. "The primary Indigenous philosophy is that we are all a part of nature and not above it, meaning everything in nature is here for a reason, including us. We must find what that is by exploring our role in land and water management."

Hancock's Approach to Carbon and Agriculture

In January 2022, Hancock founded Climate Revive, which aims to transform the carbon and agricultural industry through a unique, hands-on approach to regenerative land management. Climate Revive partners with landowners to develop long-term, large-scale carbon regeneration projects, primarily on cattle stations.

"Our team has both theoretical and practical cattle and carbon management experience. That allows us to deliver high-quality carbon credit products while simultaneously implementing regenerative agriculture processes to improve overall land productivity," Hancock explains. "Most carbon project developers only focus on the carbon credit environmental benefit without understanding how to improve agricultural outputs , but we can do both."

The company projects are registered with the Clean Energy Regulator in Australia. Over the next 25 years, it is expected to sequester nearly 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and regenerate nearly one million hectares of degraded cattle station land.

The company's incredible approach is based on five principles of regeneration. These include maximizing photosynthesis, water and nutrient cycles, increasing native plant and animal diversity, and fostering a regenerative mindset among landholders.

Hancock Leads the Way to a Sustainable Future

For Hancock, helping to reverse the impacts of climate change is an ecological imperative and an economic opportunity.

"We believe it can be profitable through the scientific carbon credit methodologies we use," he explains. "The Carbon Credits produced on our projects allows for ongoing funding for entire areas to be reforested and biodiversity protected, this concept flips the traditional economic way of thinking by basing profitability on the regeneration of nature, instead of degeneration. Further to this, by sequestering excess atmospheric carbon emissions and safely storing them in forests, soils, and wetlands, we can improve agricultural productivity, leading to healthier food and more financially resilient communities."

Hancock's vision extends beyond the goals of his own company. He is passionate about empowering and leading the industry through sharing information through film, books, posts, and podcasts. He is currently writing a book trilogy series titled "The Last Hope Series." It explores Khory's personal journey learning the strategies behind making the regeneration of nature profitable while transforming the human heart and mind.

"It's about having a less dominant and mechanical Western culture mindset and adopting one more aligned with nature," he asserts. "This includes primarily looking to nature for the answers, as well as the integration of Indigenous principles and philosophies into our existing systems."

Through his work in carbon and agriculture coupled with his multiple personal projects, Khory is proving the potential of the carbon market to drive positive change in industry and communities world wide..

"We have a narrow window of opportunity to reverse the negative impacts of our past," Hancock concludes. "Prioritising the regeneration of nature through carbon credit frameworks and adopting a regenerative mindset can shift the status quo significantly. This will ultimately allow the industry and policies to increase the speed and scale at which carbon sequestration methods are implemented globally."


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