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When event professionals think of Model Staffing, they think of Runway Waiters

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The coronavirus is also marking a before and after in social networks: new sectors and platforms, changes in the type of content and a greater commitment to 'micro-influencers'. The consumption habits of society are being modified by the coronavirus pandemic. The movement limitations to which citizens have been subjected have driven their digitization, especially through the smartphone as a tool. There was nothing written about how the people decided to face the confinement, there were those who opted for crafts and pastries, who turned their living room into a gym, who preferred to immerse themselves in the Netflix catalog or other streaming content platforms... And, of course, who spent the dead time connected to social networks.

The use of Facebook and Instagram increased by more than 40% among those under 35 during the state of alarm. Despite the revolutionary appearance of Tik Tok, Instagram continues to be the influencer marketing network par excellence. Of course, the content that the users of this platform consumed in full confinement was not the same as always. During those days, that indiscreet window that Instagram has become has shown us an impressive catalog of everyday images, with a single point in common: all made in and from home".

Digital marketing is not capable of eliminating non-digital marketing

There is no doubt that social media marketing dominates the marketing world but that does not negate conventional forms of marketing, especially those combined with Internet-based digitalization. Some marketing niches require a physical presence, something that any form of digital marketing has difficulty providing. That is where a staffing agency comes into play. A staffing agency makes sure to provide the people needed to support the success of promotional events that potential buyers can attend. Of course, not just any event, but events with exclusive products that have a specific target market. Such promotional events cannot be completely left to social media-based marketing such as putting some pictures and product descriptions and hoping that people will buy. We're talking about events that promote exclusive products like supercars, mansions, prestigious construction projects, and that sort of thing.

Concerning the promotion of expensive products, a special approach is needed which, in many cases, can be handled by a staffing agency that is dedicated to it. One of them is Runway Waiters! This agency is very famous and anyone can find information about it on well-known news portals such as Yahoo News.

What is Runway Waiters?

Runway Waiters is an agency known for working with top models as well as luxury brands such as Ferrari, Fendi, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Lamborghini. As an agency in the "world of catering and hospitality", Runway Waiters has unique characteristics and is difficult to imitate because it is the only staffing agency that offers top models as brand ambassadors, catering staff, bartenders, waiters, and such professionals.

Why did Runway Waiters excel?

Because of its reputation as a company that is often involved in glamorous events such as Miami Art Basel, Sundance Film Festival, Grammys, NYFW, luxury hotel openings in the US, the launch of the latest supercars (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, etc.), project launches -luxury real estate projects, and many more. Today, when people talk about such important and extravagant occasions, it's hard not to mention Runway Waiters as an important part of it. The image of Runway Waiters as a staffing agency for luxury events has really been embedded in the minds of many people.

However, there are always challenges

There are always challenges for every business, and the established businesses that Runway Waiters have been running for years are no exception. One of the classic challenges for Runway Waiters is that there are always modeling agencies that are hesitant to send their models to be part of the Runway Waiters business because they are unsure about the sustainability of the models' careers. But in reality, rather than having their careers stall and not growing, most of the top models who work with Runway Waiters get more potential relationships that can take their careers one step further. Because they are used to and known in high-class circles, naturally they are promoted to important people who have "unlimited funds" such as brand owners, shareholders, casting directors, and so on. We haven't mentioned workers such as directors and photographers. Everyone has their own path to ensure the careers of the models they work with continue to grow, at least for the next few years.

However successful, Runway Waiters never stops learning

For Runway Waiters, learning is a lifelong activity. The world is constantly evolving, and so are the ways to improve your business so you can stay competitive. Runway Waiters always finds the latest point of view on every problem encountered and that can be used as a guide to correct and minimize future mistakes. For the employees, especially the models, their life will not stop once they are not working at Runway Waiters. Their lives will continue and be better because as long as they work under Runway Waiters, they will not only work but also learn all the things they will need in the future, even after they are no longer working (at Runway Waiters). For information, several Hollywood stars have hired waiters from the agency for their events.

What will happen to Runway Waiters in the next few years?

As a company that is stable and well known in this narrow niche, Runway Waiters believes that in the next few years, it will expand to various parts of the world, of course by supporting the same market share. The company's reach will not be limited to New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, but also Europe and possibly East Asia. The goal of the people behind the company was to become something synonymous with the staffing model, and even though that has now been achieved, they are not satisfied and want to develop in a better direction. Model staffing is what Runway Waiters is all about and they are constantly trying to expand as widely as they can.

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