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Don't Let an Insecure Boss Stop You From Getting a Raise or Promoted. Here are 3 Tactics to Help You Survive This Tricky Situation. The more you understand your boss's insecurities, the more you can work with them — and build your own confidence along the way.

By Jason Feifer Edited by Mark Klekas

They may not recognize their own insecurities — but you surely do. Maybe they're quick to point fingers or are not open to feedback. Maybe they say they have an "open door policy," but nobody is rewarded for walking in that door.

This is unfair. You deserve a boss who sets you up for success and who knows how to put others ahead of themselves. Frankly, you might be better off finding a new job with a better boss.

But let's say you like the work, or you see valuable opportunities by sticking around for a while. Good news: Once you recognize your boss's insecurities, you can start to manage them — and there's still plenty of opportunity to thrive in your role.

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