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3 Powerful Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success When looking for the qualities that make an entrepreneur a success, these three characteristics should rise to the top of the list.

By Tamieka Lee Edited by Ryan Droste

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What fuels an entrepreneur's drive for business success?

Connecting business success to an entrepreneur's personal goals provides a sense of purpose to the passion and efforts invested in the business. In addition, it is apparent that making sacrifices, working long hours, being somewhat aggressive, and taking unusual risks will ensure that the entrepreneur's business is headed in the right direction.

An entrepreneur may ask themselves what life changing goals would align with one's personal purpose of starting or owning a business. Being an influencer and an individual who is building a small business, I've come to the conclusion that when the below pillars expand beyond the framework of a growth mindset to become in sync with one's business model and strategies, the results will successfully enhance the true trajectory of one's personal and business objectives.

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