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Want To Avoid the 'Quiet Quitting' Trend in Your Business? Here Are 3 Strategies That Will Make Your Employees Want To Stay. Burnout is being touted as the main factor in 'quiet quitting.' But here's the truth: Burnout isn't caused by overwork — it's caused by not finding meaning in your work.

By Tanya Dalton Edited by Maria Bailey

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The 2022 Time Economy Report found that employees rank health benefits and salary highest for job satisfaction (no surprise there). But what's most interesting is that they said: feeling good about how their time is spent, having a sense of purpose and having a manageable workload are key factors that weigh heavily on why they stay at their company.

In a post-pandemic world, employee expectations have been evolving; unfortunately, many businesses and industries are falling behind in making the needed shifts to retain happier, more satisfied teams. Employees want to have meaningful work, but when they feel they are constantly busy with a thousand tasks and projects, it can lead to the newest trend of "quiet quitting."

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