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5 Leadership Mistakes That Can Break Your Company Leaders need to be concerned with their current trajectory rather than their current results.

By Nik Vassev Edited by Heather Wilkerson

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When you start a business, you face increasing complexities and various challenges at different stages of your company's growth. Having founded, led and sold a start-up and now advising several founders and CEOs, I know a little bit about the mistakes that can completely derail your future. Regardless of how much money you have raised or how promising your product or service is, committing these blunders and not having the awareness to change can lead to the downfall of your company. Let's take a look at the five no-no's.

1. Overpromising and under delivering

A leader needs to shape the vision, plans, expectations and take responsibility for delivering. As an entrepreneur, it is important to set big goals for your employees, customers and investors, but it's important that these goals are realistic. Setting unrealistic expectations can create unnecessary stress for your team and destroy your reputation in the marketplace and in the eyes of your investors. Exceeding realistic expectations is much better than putting your foot in your mouth and destroying your reputation forever.

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