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7 Traits and Skills of Next Generation Leaders

Grasping these seven concepts requires consciousness and practice.

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The pandemic brought us a new normal. During these times, a new version of a leader has risen. While some leaders continually struggle to identify, understand and use the below notions that can lead them to their soul's fulfillment and success, tomorrow's leaders bring forward new ways of knowing, being and doing. They fulfill their soul's purpose on Earth while also respecting the development of all human species.

If you consider yourself a leader, find out which one of these seven concepts you could make further use of.

1. Wisdom

New leaders know how to access the information available within themselves, and they believe in themselves and in the information they have received. They have faith in their inner-knowing and in their abilities to understand that the universe brings everything at the perfect time and in the perfect form. This skill should be trained from the start.

This requires practice and patience to forge properly and to combat negativity as it shows up. Without this confidence, the ideas received and the misuse of momentum can quickly get shattered as unprepared leaders question their beliefs and vision. This could also exert additional energy that can take time to recover.

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2. Vision

Leaders have a clear vision of what they see for themselves and the world and what direction they want to take. Then, they foster that vision by bringing in a positive influence with their stakeholders.

This vision could then help make a global impact through a clear communication front. A communication structure should be implemented to easily share the vision internally and externally in the company. A vision without a communication strategy may not be understood.

3. Innovation

Leaders can download high-level ideas, bring them down to life, and make something of it. They craft from this nothingness the direction of a company, a product, or service offering.

Also, they execute plans and processes to achieve that vision and strategy. Great leaders are creative and innovative. They work within themselves to manifest something externally.

4. Discernment

A leader can cut through the noise and distraction of others and understand what is true and what is only an appearance. They clear through the smoke and see through life's filters.

They believe in what they know and also in their visions. They don't let naysayers or those that don't offer credible input get in their way or head.

5. Energy

The new leader understands the fundamental laws around energy and knows how to manage it. As Albert Einstein said, energy cannot be created or destroyed — it can only be transformed from one state into a new state. Great leaders understand this concept and learn to manage their energy to match the frequency of the reality they want.

These leaders also understand how to give and receive energy by following the law of reciprocity, meaning the idea of transforming and amplifying energy back and forth.

6. Healing

This leader feels balanced, at peace and satisfied internally. He or she is in harmony within all existing dimensions.

To become healing leaders, the new leaders learn and teach others how to release the emotions and thoughts that no longer serve them and transform these into a new high-level frequency energy form. Only this internal harmony can help bring about a mindset to become today's new leader.

7. Evolution

The leaders of tomorrow are "evolved humans." Their DNA and immune systems prevail and keep them living longer and healthier. They also have refined senses and can develop their four intuitive gifts:

Clairaudience: Ability to hear and receive auditive messages.

Clairvoyance: Ability to see things and have visions.

Clairsentience: Ability to feel things.

Claircognizance: Ability to know things.

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It's important to understand that these seven ideas are not going to be mastered overnight. It's more about playing with them during the journey to becoming a great leader. Strengthening and expanding the areas that could use support is essential, and it's always a good idea to revisit each one of them from time to time to see where you stand.

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