Nathalie Virem

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Founder and CEO of Nathalie Virem Foundation

Nathalie Virem helps worldwide leaders and business owners bring a positive change to the world through the fulfillment of their calling. Virem wants to contribute to the world's transition to conscious, successful leadership and business management.



7 Traits and Skills of Next Generation Leaders

Grasping these seven concepts requires consciousness and practice.

Thought Leaders

How Meditation Can Help You Form a Clear Business Vision

Four simple tools that will help you better align your life's purpose.


Cómo la meditación puede ayudarlo a formar una visión comercial clara

Cuatro herramientas simples que te ayudarán a alinear mejor el propósito de tu vida.

Health & Wellness

3 Powerful Tools We Can Use During These Changing Times

We have within us the power to combat fear and uncertainty.

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