How Meditation Can Help You Form a Clear Business Vision Four simple tools that will help you better align your life's purpose.

By Nathalie Virem

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Without clarity of vision, you are missing an important aspect to your company that could make the difference between being part of the 10% of businesses that succeed versus the 90% that fail.

Your "why" inspires you to improve "what" you do and "how" you are doing it. Having a persuasive perspective helps you perform at the highest level. To implement this, you must first clarify it through the following tried-and-true techniques.

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ID your POV

The first technique is to get to know your ideals, values and motivations. You can then begin to realize the area in which you need to focus on the most. Your greatest area of improvement will quickly become your greatest strength and will summarily reflect your life mission. Your business should be an outlet through which you pursue your purpose.

Secondly, know that without wisdom, you will never move past your starting point. Meditation is key to being in the mindset of growth that is crucial to fulfilling your vision in tandem with your workers.

Here's a quick primer:
- Breathe while closing your eyes to increase focus
- Relax and place your feet on the ground
- Do not cross your hands or feet
- Listen to your heart and ask: What is my purpose?
- Let your wisdom talk

The third method is guided meditation delivered by a trained practitioner (which can use imagination, music, frequencies, etc). This produces an array of benefits including clarity, self-confidence, stress relief, increased creativity and pain reduction.

The final technique is to simply write it all down. This seems insignificant, but studies show that the simple act of putting pen to paper is key to actually achieving one's goals.

Use the following formula: I help ____ (your ideal client) do _____ (what you are going to support them on) so that they can ______ (their ideal outcome).

Looking back at my own scribbled statement regularly keeps me on the right path with my intentions and goals for my business.

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Focus to avoid failing

Finding your vision is critical to running your business passionately and impactfully. Without it, you can easily fall under said 90% of companies that fold. Your workers will not feel excited to be part of the process and clients will feel like you are not providing them with a compelling solution for their needs.

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