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The Science-Proven Benefits You Get When You Share Your Time and Resources With Others These are the four keys to adopting a mindset of abundance.

By Nathalie Virem Edited by Dan Bova

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There is a correlation between thinking positively and abundantly, and the understanding that there is enough for everyone. This breeds confidence and self-esteem. However, we fall into crisis when our mind thinks from a place of lack. This desolation of positive energy stems from negative thoughts that are driven by fear.

Some people have everything that life could offer and are highly successful, but still feel poor. This poverty of spirit is a scarcity mentality, driven by the need to get more at any cost, thinking that someone else's loss is their gain. Living abundance is a combination of different factors working together and interdependently. Your abundance is defined by your health, mentality, environment, and your life mission. Understanding these key pointers is your ticket to living abundance.

1. Health

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