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There's a Fine Line Between Using and Over-Relying on AI. Here's the Role Leaders Need to Play. With any new technology adoption, leaders set the tone that influences its success or failure. Learn about leadership's role when implementing AI into an organization and how to balance efficiency without becoming overreliant.

By Cara Sloman Edited by Jessica Thomas

Key Takeaways

  • Balancing the capabilities of AI with human input is essential to maintain authenticity, address biases and preserve the connection with customers.
  • Leaders must foster a positive AI culture within organizations, ensuring transparent communication, managing change effectively and maintaining the human element in content creation.

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AI is shaking things up for PR and marketing. AI-powered solutions have the potential to help with everything from automating audience segmentation to serving tailored content and delivering customized, personalized messaging to each segment. These technologies can help PR pros with automating mundane tasks or starting media lists that can later be vetted by a pro.

With any new technology adoption, leaders set the tone that influences its success or failure. Leadership drives the vision, and leaders are on point to inspire and motivate the team, create and maintain internal standards for how AI is used and manage any challenges and risks that come up. Ultimately, it's about setting your company up for success; not only in terms of AI implementation, but also for reaping its business benefits.

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