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Blame and Credit: How to Encourage Fairness and Accountability Under Pressure Unsure how to stop the blame game or start an honest discussion? We're here to help.

By Gael O'Brien

This story appears in the February 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Q: We are under pressure to deliver results at my company. Energy is maxed out, and tempers and the blame game have disrupted what was initially a very collegial team. How do I lead through this rough patch?

A: Blame is toxic, so the best way to change the atmosphere is to start with how you are dealing with the pressure.

Ethical leadership starts with how you treat yourself. You can't inspire or motivate when you are running on fumes. Self-renewal is a leadership responsibility; it shifts attitude, energy and sense of possibility. Take steps to take better care of yourself—whether it involves time out for reflection, yoga, the gym, eating better, more sleep, deep breathing exercises or, yes, a day off to hang out with your family.

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