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Clean Tech's New Boss: Hara Founder Amit Chatterjee Hara founder Amit Chatterjee brings a software angle to the green scene.

By Jennifer Wang

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Amit Chatterjee is pure Silicon Valley. It's all over his résumé--SAP, Cisco, Oracle. Software and IT are in Chatterjee's blood. So he's the last person you might expect to be leading cleantech's new charge. And that's exactly why he's winning.

"If it was a clear day, you could see the bay," Chatterjee says as he gestures through the expansive windows of his new office on a hillside complex in San Mateo, Calif., surveying the Silicon Valley landscape. "That's Oracle, and the hardware companies are clustered over there, and all the software guys are down here."

And the future of cleantech is right here. After last year's failure of an energy bill built largely around the cap-and-trade policy, which sets a ceiling on carbon dioxide emissions and allows companies to trade permits to meet it, Chatterjee's data-driven strategy to save the planet is showing a tremendous amount of promise.

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