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On the Run Pushing limits in business and life keeps the ultramarathon man going.

By Sara Wilson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

When Dean Karnazes, 42, hits the ground running, there'salways a possibility he may not stop. Known as the"Ultramarathon Man," Karnazes counts his longest race at350 miles, which took him 80 hours and 44 minutes nonstop to run.During the countless hours on his feet, he learned some lessonsthat helped him rise to what he considers an even greaterchallenge: starting a business. In 1995, Karnazes co-foundedEnergyWell Natural Foods, a San Francisco-based manufacturer ofall-natural and organic snack foods. It has since been acquired,but Karnazes remains president of the company, now Good HealthNatural Foods. We caught up with him to get his advice forentrepreneurs competing in "marathons" of their own.

Entrepreneur: What did you learn as a runner thathelped you as an entrepreneur?

Dean Karnazes: The idea of never giving up, of being ableto persist through very low times. When you run a marathon orfarther, you experience some deep lows, and you start questioningyour ability to succeed. It becomes a mental battle as well as aphysical battle. It's the same thing in business. Every day,there are battles to be waged.

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