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Gearing Up For a Big Launch Day? 5 Strategies to Execute It Stress-Free Advance planning increases your launch day success. Knowing who you need and what they need to do helps too!

By Tasha Booth Edited by Heather Wilkerson

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We're living in a strange time. A time where one tweet can completely derail weeks or even months of hard work gearing up for a big launch. Having helped hundreds of women navigate big launch days for their business, my team has definitely been thrown a few curveballs.

Launching a new program or service is fun and exciting. Your energy level is up, but if you don't give yourself enough time to prepare, your stress level is sure to overpower that positive energy. If you decide to skip the preparation and rush through your launch period, you'll leave your team overwhelmed, burnt out and dreading the next time around.

Can you always avoid curveballs on launch day? No. But, there are certain things you can proactively do to ensure you have the most successful launch possible for your business. Better yet, doing these five things may just even get you through the process stress-free. Imagine that.

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