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How a Woodworking Hobby Helps This Entrepreneur Be a Better Businessman Patrick Robinson, CEO of Paskho, finds problem-solving inspiration in the art of building.

By Patrick Robinson

This story appears in the September 2019 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Courtesy of Patrick Robinson

As the founder of travel-clothing company Paskho, I travel a lot for work. You name the far-flung city, I've been there. I encounter a lot of long, sleepless nights in hotel rooms, but instead of using that extra time to pore over new clothing concepts or designs, I'm online, buying woodworking tools.

My passion for woodworking started when I was young. Growing up in Fullerton, Calif., I liked building those wood-and-glue model airplanes, boats, and homes. I worked really hard to adapt them to make them into whatever my imagination came up with, not just what the instructions told me to do.

My dad noticed that I had a knack for problem solving and started asking me to help him with renovation projects around the house. From there, I began creating things for myself: surfboards, benches. The scope of the projects kept evolving along with my skills and curiosity.

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