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How to Give Employees Ownership of Their Workspace As They Return to the Office Try these tactics to help people feel more comfortable and collaborative in your office space.

By John Boitnott Edited by Jessica Thomas

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Sloppy desks and appearances might simply reflect your employees' "authentic selves," but most employers still expect to see a certain degree of order and professionalism in both work areas and employee appearance. That's probably never been more true than now, with social distancing requirements and other restrictions designed to help keep employees and the public safe.

This urge to follow a more staid, formal and impersonal aesthetic might even be heightened by an open-office arrangement.

These open plans can also intimidate the more introverted members of your team. Whereas extroverts are energized when surrounded by others, introverts feel sapped by this kind of work environment. They might find it difficult to do their best work there, especially without a little freedom to make the space their own.

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