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How to Keep Your Sales Team Intact During the Great Resignation Many salespeople are now looking for new jobs or for greener pastures. But you can retain them with the right balance of fast pay, company culture and teamwork.

By John Boitnott Edited by Jessica Thomas

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The ongoing health crisis has changed the way we work, possibly forever. As the world stepped away from their offices and into their homes, people had a collective realization about the benefits of remote work. It's more flexible, potentially giving employees more time to travel, spend time with family and do what they love.

All these realizations, combined with a nearly global re-evaluation of priorities, is leading to what Professor Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M University termed "the Great Resignation." In other words, people are quitting and pivoting, and a lot of businesses can't keep up.

What is "the Great Resignation?"

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