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I Blocked a Toxic Childhood Friend and It Taught Me an Important Lesson About Managing People There's nothing more soul-sucking than a friend or coworker who only takes but never gives. We call them "Energy Vampires," and this is how you should deal with them.

By Ali Kriegsman Edited by Mark Klekas

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nadia_bormotova | Getty Images

I recently took ten days off to explore Italy and celebrate a close friend's wedding. I enjoyed anchovy pasta in Umbria without any stomach issues, made pesto in Manarola, stayed in a castle-turned-B&B in Levanto, and indulged in pizza, cigarettes, and gelato in Rome. In summation, it was perfect.

But this trip got me noodling on a series of experiences that felt far from perfect. They forced me to face one of the most dangerous encounters one can have: the life-sucking power of an Energy Vampire.

What is an Energy Vampire? And why are they so dangerous?

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