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Innovation Gurus: Bruce Mau and John Kao The big idea to move your company to the next level can happen, if you put in the work -- and play while you're at it.

By Joe Robinson

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The Labor of Creativity
A renowned designer of everything from carpets to soft drink packaging to planned communities says that creativity comes from going the extra miles

Method, not myth: Bruce Mau's Legacy.
Method, not myth: Bruce Mau's Legacy.
Photo© Dave Gillespie

"Creativity has been made into a mythology. Certain people have it and certain people don't. The reality is it's hard work." That's the creative wisdom of Bruce Mau, one of the world's most sought-after designers.

Mau--whose company, Bruce Mau Design, has offices in Toronto and Chicago--has made a career of challenging the sacred priesthood of creativity. He demonstrates how to meld big ideas with practical realities and consumer psychology. He is at the vanguard of a movement to transform design from an insular world of magical seers to a practice that can solve problems from sustainability to poverty.

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