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Managing Start-Up Business Blues Entrepreneurship doesn't come easily. How will you channel the frustration of building your business in order to achieve optimal success?

By Tamieka Lee

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Entrepreneurship is such a rewarding life adventure and creates such an excitement in the new entrepreneur due to their accomplishment and/or level of success. Entrepreneurs are more than likely individuals with minds that go like a Duracell battery — self-motivated individuals who are goal-oriented and results-driven. However, despite the adrenaline rush, some entrepreneurs have learned that the beginning stage can also be a battleground for ambitious founders.

Many new brand and business builders who are seeking to create a legacy and construct a solid business foundation can become overwhelmed about the future of their hard work. There can be many concerns that emerging entrepreneurs are faced with in building a business from scratch, including funding solutions and proper mentorship and coaching to aid in growing the business. Other issues may include the hiring of staff and concerns of whether the business will succeed or flop.

Despite your personal growing pains, pressures of this world and data such as the Bureau of Labor statistic that 2 out of 10 new businesses fail in the first year of operations, your business can thrive. What should be done in order to sustain a positive mindset, passion for your growing business and an energetic entrepreneur spirit despite setbacks and contrary evidence? Here are a few tips to help you stay confident and effective so that you have a flourishing brand and/or business venture.

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