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Meet the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Using Cryptocurrency To Create Social Impact

Serial entrepreneur Nick Sullivan shares his vision for harnessing technology to create positive change.

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Long before launching four successful tech companies, Bay Area crypto connoisseur Nick Sullivan was accustomed to the high-wire act of balancing career and family. After having his first child at 17, Sullivan started working as a data entry clerk, copying and pasting by day and teaching himself to code in the evenings. Welcoming a quick promotion alongside the arrival of his second child, he doubled down to get ahead: "There was one week I worked 105 hours. It was like, come home, shower, turn around, get back to it, sleep under the desk," Sullivan recalls.

Matt Nager

It was a later role as a web developer with Brassring in 1999 that launched Sullivan's technological career in earnest. As a high school dropout with a family to support, Sullivan credits his steady advancement to 's meritocratic structure: "It didn't matter that I didn't have a degree. It mattered what I could do, how hard I could work and what I could accomplish."

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