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Publicist Reveals Shocking Bad Behavior From Clients and How to Form a Relationship That Works Could your tone with a publicist be hurting your PR outreach? Here's what publicists won't tell you the next time you treat them as a paid minion.

By Mark Macias Edited by Dan Bova

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Your publicist and PR team can be your best or worst advocate. Much of your success depends on how you manage the relationship with them.

Believe it or not, publicists are people too and they actually feel and act on those emotions. If they feel indebted to you, or believe you're trying to help them succeed, the best publicists will move mountains for you. And if they feel you are secretly sabotaging their work or not supporting them, who knows what they might say when you're not around.

I've worked with a nonprofit organization for the last 5 years. When the CMO first approached me in 2016 and told me her budget was $600/month, I knew this wouldn't be a profitable media campaign. It takes time to find the right journalists, pitch them and coordinate interviews. Even more costly, I have to develop a strategic editorial campaign that leads to coverage.

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