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Take a Step Inside LinkedIn's Office Space

The secret to the social networking company's vibrant office culture? Never stop thinking about your next job.

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employees are always talking about the next step. When you work for the world's largest professional network, it's hard not to. But LinkedIn encourages it, too -- pushing its team members to consider their own career trajectories. Staffers move between departments as fluidly as they move between the cafeteria, the rooftop terrace and the music room in the company's headquarters. And LinkedIn even gives employees a monthly "InDay," which they can put toward community service or an in-house class (like coding, or marketing), all to better prepare them for whatever step they choose to take next.

Adam Friedberg

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Kelsey Garvey

Business Development, Talent Solutions

"We used to be a startup, and now we're owned by , one of the biggest tech companies in the world. There's been so much growth, but one thing that's stayed strong is our . The office is supercreative and, like LinkedIn, collaborative. Our space reflects how we interact with each other, how we hang out and work in different environments."

Tony Lai

Senior Data Scientist

"There's always an interesting problem to solve, and there's also a really smart and supportive group of data scientists I can always turn to and bounce ideas off. So it's an individual problem, but you also have a lot of support."

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Steve Mooradian

Account Executive, Sales Solutions

"The 17th floor is amazing. We have this rooftop lounge that's like a coffee shop. It's a good escape from the office, where you can always hear people talking individually. If you go up there, it's all ambient noise, like being in . That's where I spend a lot of my time, if my manager doesn't need me on the floor."

Nitin Julka

Group Product Manager, Marketing Solutions

"We have lunch every day, and we can get ice cream on the second floor whenever we want. We can go outside, check out the roof deck. There are meditation rooms, workout rooms, quiet spaces. There's a space to fit whatever need you have."

Michou Bachelor

Project Manager, Talent Attraction

"I joined LinkedIn in 2012 and left after four years to be with my husband, who was stationed overseas. I volunteered on base, helping a lot of service members and military spouses leverage LinkedIn to find opportunity when they got back to the United States. When my husband and I returned home, I was able to boomerang back. Seeing the value we create outside the company for people in their lives? There are just no words to describe that."

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Hector Preciado

Sales Development Manager

"Here at LinkedIn, we have this concept called "next play.' It's essentially the thinking that as soon as you get into your current role, you should already be thinking about what you want to do next. So whereas most companies want you to stay there in perpetuity, we have a culture where you're encouraged to transform yourself."

Ish Verduzco

Talent Brand and Social Media Marketing

"We're trying to revolutionize the way we think of recruiting diverse talent. So instead of the traditional open house, we came up with Open Mic Night. You come in, there's a DJ. You network for half an hour, and then there's a show with performances by singers, artists, dancers. We close out the night with more networking. It breaks down the wall of feeling uncomfortable, or like you don't belong. It allows you to bring your whole self to the event."

Suzi Owens

Director, Corporate Communications

"In my short time here, I've changed my role about three times. I really love to adapt, and I think every time you get the chance to, you learn a lot more. You see a lot of movement in the company -- people moving from product to sales or from brand marketing to PR. That's really appealing, knowing that in the long run I might want to pivot careers."

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Image Credit: Adam Friedberg

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