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The Best Bar to . . . Get Some Work Done: Bookstore Bar This Seattle bar can be a great place to power through emails.

By Paul Clarke

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Bookstore Bar | Seattle

Bookstore Bar in Seattle
Photo© Meagan Romney

Sometimes the home office is oppressively quiet, and the hissing roar of espresso machines makes working in a coffee shop a noisy ordeal. In downtown Seattle, one alternative to caffeinated quarters is to make the home-office-away-from-home the Bookstore Bar, in Kimpton's Alexis Hotel.

Known on the whisky circuit for its mighty selection of single malts, the Bookstore Bar also does bang-up business at night. But during the day, it's a placid (but not too quiet) place to set up temporary shop. The bar opens before noon, so there's plenty of time to crank through the to-do list before the after-work crowd amps up the volume. The décor is boozy bookworm, with scotch whisky ephemera and faded hardcovers throughout the room. The high ceiling and tall windows facing First Avenue give the bar ample natural light, even on Seattle's notoriously drizzly days.

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