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The Best Way to Boost Your Productivity Without Even Trying

Most successful people use these decision making tricks without realizing it.

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By Jandra Sutton Originally published

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A quick Google search will show more than 485 million results about productivity, and there's certainly no shortage of tips, tricks, and tools on the internet. From working out to cutting meetings from your schedule, many of these strategies are phenomenal ways to work smarter, not harder, but there's one way to permanently supercharge your productivity in just a few minutes, and it's something you've probably never thought about: make faster decisions.

Decision-making is a critical part of our daily lives both as individuals and entrepreneurs, and we're making decisions almost every single second of every day. You made a (good) decision to click on this article, and you made a (good) decision to keep reading. You make decisions about what you wear, what you eat, what work you do first, and what happens in your business — an estimated 35,000 decisions every single day—and learning to quickly make better decisions is a valuable skill to master.

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